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Rebuild your local village

Tinytown makes it easy and fun to build up the local communities that matter most to you. All without posts, likes, or news feeds.

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More fun, less scrolling

We're throwing out the toxic News Feed and getting back to basics. That way you can focus on making friends instead of arguing with strangers.

Make it your own

There are many ways to leave your mark on Tinytown. From the way things work to the way they look, you can customize just about anything. Who's to say we can't have giant donuts for trees?

No funny business

We leave the annoying ads and sketchy data-mining to the other guys. There are no ads on Tinytown and features that protect your privacy are turned on by default.

Stay in the know

Whether you want to join a protest or a neighborhood potluck, you can always find out what's happening nearby with Tinytown.


"Oh, this is very nice! You were always so good at the computers."

CEO's Mom

"I like the little round monsters, you should add more of those."

BEST friend

"My cousin and I like to crash here, we use the round buttons as pillows."

Tiko (Lives here)

We want to hear from you

If you’ve attended any rallies or protests in the last few months, we would love to hear from you. The survey below should take between 5 - 10 minutes to complete.

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