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Tinytown is an Open-Source project powered by people from all over the globe. Born out of a world in quarantine, we're decentralized and remote by nature. We believe in open collaboration over wasteful competition. Our doors are wide open to anyone that wants to come along for the ride — whether you're a fan of our mission, a casual contributor, or someone that wants to take an active role in shaping the future of Tinytown.

As for us, we're passionate about building "online palaces'' for the people. We believe that healthy democracies need healthy public spaces that bring people together instead of pitting them against each other. We're done with the Endless Doomscrolling and toxicity that current social platforms suffer from and their obsession with clicks and profits. We're here to build the fun and lively public plaza to their soul-crushing private mall. If that sounds like your cup of tea, then welcome aboard.

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You're our #1 fans. You're not just content with the occasional email updates, you want to actively cheer us on from the sidelines. You want to be in the room where the magic happens and find out about new features way before anyone else.

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You're the lifeblood of every Open-Source project. You enjoy building things with friends because it's fun and fulfilling, not because someone pays you to. You're probably a top-notch human and we can't wait to build cool things with you.

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You're the crème de la crème. You play an active role in building Tinytown and charting its course. You love working on projects that improve people's lives and have a positive impact on the world. We would probably hire you if we could afford you.

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There are no shortcuts to being the best. The only way to become a Master Builder is by being a Contributor first.

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