Humanity has made huge strides towards making our world feel like a true global village. We went from Kitty Hawk to the moon landing, from telegraphs to the Internet, and from the horse to Hyperloops in what seems like a matter of seconds.

Along the way, though, we forgot about the local village. The extended families that we used to rely on for support became a mass of strangers who we often distrust, compete with, and strive to keep off our lawns.

Our relationships with the global and the local have practically switched places. Consider that:

  • We have all of the world's information in our pocket, but we have no idea who our neighbors are.
  • We can watch things happen in real time thousands of miles away, but we have no clue what's happening down the street.
  • We have same-day delivery, but we can't walk to our grocery stores.
  • We spend hours arguing with strangers on Twitter, but we won't even vote in local elections.

The list goes on. We're more connected than ever, but we're also angrier, more divided, and lonelier than ever. We tried to exchange a few good neighbors for a thousand Facebook "friends", and now we have neither.

Photo of Alexis de Tocqueville

Alexis de Tocqueville | Democracy in America - 1835

“...local assemblies of citizens constitute the strength of free nations.”

That shift has damaged not only our social capital, but also our political and economic capital. Much of what matters in daily life — from finding a job to enacting positive change — is still dictated by ZIP codes, not our number of Twitter followers. Likes and retweets can't hold a candle to votes in the ballot box or access to health care, grocery stores, and good schools.

Enter Tinytown. Our goal is an ambitious one. We're restoring our local communities to give us all more of what really matters. Our first step is making it easy to share what's going on around you. From there, we'll expand Tinytown rapidly, introducing tons of other exciting ways to strengthen our local villages.

So hop in and buckle up, neighbor, 'cause we're about to make civic engagement sexy again 😎.

Come build with us

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